Date : June 22, 2020
Category : Digital Marketing

Business need to forget themselves and focus on customers. Most of the times people start with their businesses, it’s all about them. It’s all about the CEOs, CFOs, List of Services, Company History, Awards, Recognition and more and less about what the customers are actually looking for.

After having worked for over 500 clients from different parts of the globe, we found a common problem with all the websites, business proposals, presentations have in common. They are more about the company and less about the customers. When all the business presentations should talk more and more about customers, they talk mostly about the business, its owners and so on.

We need to understand that though it’s important to tell about ourselves in the presentations and websites but that comes at the end. The first important thing is that the focus needs to move outwards to the customers and users from the company.

All the company documents need to say how they can directly help the users/customers achieve their objective. Problems that the users face and how the products or services efficient solve those. To sum up everything has to be first about the users/customers and then about the business itself.

Few things that businesses should do to see outwards:

1. Talk about the customer’s problems and how the products solve problems.
2. Show case studies on how similar problems were solved by the business and its products or services.
3. Show to what extent the company can go to solve the problem.
4. Talk about the resources and capabilities company has to solve those problems efficiently.
5. Plan all marketing activities focused towards solving those problems.

A customer surely wants to know the business history, about the owners etc but that’s the last thing they want to know. The first answer they are looking forward to is how would the business solver their problem. Once they are confident about that, they look for other things like the company history, testimonials, about the owners, team members and so on.


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