How you as a part of IT industry, can use this time to the fullest?

Date : April 03, 2020
Category : Digital Marketing

With the recent severe exposure of COVID-19, there is a complete lockdown in India. Due to this, no offices are open except banks and if you work in an IT industry, you may get a lot of time in hand to utilize it in a better way. With the work from home situation, you can take up certain online courses to boost your career opportunities. Follow this article to know How you as a part of IT industry, can use this time to the fullest!

1. Graphic Designing
Are you interested in doodling? Can you create amazing abstract designs given paper and pen? However, you aren’t much aware of Corel, Photoshop, etc? The right online course of graphic design from a reputed Institute will help you learn and earn more. Graphic designers are in demand right now and you can have a high opportunity in your career as it is highly rewarded. Doing this course just by sitting at home will give you the option to work as a freelancer or as a full-timer.

2. Big Data Analysis
If you have a keen interest in business analytics, then you can opt for the big data and business analytics courses available online. Choose any reputed institute to do your course in this quarantine period. Learning this course will allow you to help companies make more informed decisions through data and transaction analysis. Look for a course that will allow you to create, test as well as analyze data.

3. App Development
The most used word probably in this generation is the “App”. From the doctor, chatting, shopping to news, you have an app for everything and anything. And it will remain in the market for a longer period, having great earnings. So if you have a keen interest in creating apps, then you can take on an app development course online. This has very high opportunities and you can give your career a good boost.

4. Digital Marketing
With the growing startups and small companies, the demand for digital marketing is highly trending. Doing a digital marketing course from a trustworthy institute will surely give your career a new height. Every company looks forward to getting a boost in their web traffic and want to market it so that consumers can visit their websites. A good digital marketer does this job perfectly.

5. Human Resource Management
Do you think you have good managerial skills and you can manage as well as coordinate with people at your workplace? If yes, then human resource management or HR course can be a great career option for you. This is one such field that is always on demand and highly rewarding. You can take an online HR course from any reputed institute.

6. Programming
Being in an IT industry you must be aware of the importance of learning programming languages. There is a wide range of programming languages available and you can take an online course to learn any one of them. Learning an extra programming language will surely ensure you a great career boost when you join your office again after the lockdown is over.

We hope that this guide will help you to read more and get a proper knowledge about how you can utilize this time to develop your skills. You can take the help of such online courses and resume work with better knowledge.


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