Backup Generators LLC

Date : July 12, 2022

Backup Generators LLC provides Sales and Service of Whole Home Backup Generators. Difficult times that we are in brings uncertainty about a lot of things. That is why we make sure inventory is available!

Backup Generators LLC offers two types of packages:

1. Turnkey Installations – Installations of whole home generators in certain areas

2. Contractor Ready Packages – We deliver and set the generator on a pad to your home in a few days. The generators are prepped at our shop before delivered to your home. This includes:

Installing a battery.
Programming the fuel source settings to propane or natural gas.
Setting the desired weekly exercise time.
Checking for any loose connections.
Running the generator.
This will give you the peace of mind knowing your generator will start! It also relieves the stress of not knowing if or when your generator will ever come in! It’s a hard pill to swallow when you have a generator on order and your power goes out! You may use your own licensed electrician and plumber to install the generator package. This allows you to have your generator up and running in a short amount of time! Electricians and plumbers are very busy. Having the option to find one who can get to you quick, gives you the security of knowing that your power will never go out! Thank you for your business!

Kip Duncan -Owner


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