Happy Tails

Date : September 22, 2022

Happy Tails is a self-serve dog wash and grooming shop. If your dog stinks, come in and we will show you how to get your dog THOROUGHLY CLEAN. At home, you may have been on your knees, with your smelly dog, in a small tub, the dog isn’t cooperating at all. Both of you end up soaking wet and mad at each other! Not to mention that clean-up. It’s not fun and no one is happy.

At Happy Tails Self-Service Dog Wash and Grooming, your dog can get into the large elevated tub and be tethered so both of you are safe and sound. We provide a versatile shower head in order to get your friend wet everywhere with warm, soothing water!

When you arrive, we will give you a box of brushes (one for every type of dog!) We also provide you with natural, high quality shampoo & conditioner, as well as ear wipes, eye wipes, shammy’s, towels, and a powerful blowdryer. This all conveniently contained in your private stall. Our friendly staff can talk you through the most efficient way to get your dog cleaner than he/she has ever been in their entire life.

If Stinky has sensitive skin, we have several specialty shampoos to choose from. If Smelly’s nails are too long and he’s tap dancing on your floors, all you just have to ask, and our trained staff will clip their nails too.

If all of this still sounds too overwhelming, we also have our awesome groomer, who can take care of haircuts for the fuzzier friends!! Please keep in mind, you do need to call ahead to schedule grooming. Whereas dog washing is walk-in with no appointments needed.

The end result: You leave Happy Tails with a thoroughly clean dog, and go home to a clean bathroom!


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