Sugaring Brazilian Wax

Date : September 28, 2022

The Premier Full-Service Sugaring Brazilian Wax Spa Offers First-Class Services, Top-Quality Products, And Excellent Customer Care. To Provide The Most Comfortable And The Most Effective Natural Waxing Services To All Our Clients.

Our Safety Standards

Waxing Safety
Remember That A Little Prevention Will Go A Long Way To Save You From Some Really Annoying Side Effects Which Could Ruin Your Perfect Wax.

Even Though Our Professional And Licensed Waxing Technicians Always Follow The Proper Protocols And Use High-Quality Products To Prevent Or Minimize Side Effects, The Client Should Always Take Proper Care Of His Or Her Skin At Home 24 To 48 Hours Before And After The Treatment.

For Example – Going To The Pool Or Using Tight Clothes Right After A Wax – Could Lead To Uncomfortable And Unwanted Side Effects.
Do Not Wax
• Irritated, Inflamed, Or Open Wounds.
• Your Legs, If You Have Varicose Veins.
• Any Area That Has A Rash, Recent Scar Tissue, Skin Graft, Cold Sore, Mole, Wart, Or Pimple.
• Any Part Of Your Face Or Body Where You Have Received Botox Or Collagen Injections.
• Anywhere That Has Been Waxed Within The Last 24 Hours.
• Over Or Around Body Piercings.
• Areas Where You Have Recently Used Skin Care Products That Contain Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, And/Or Alpha Hydroxyl Acids Of Any Kind. • If You Have Recently Received Aggressive Exfoliation Of The Skin, Such As Microdermabrasion, Dermabrasion, And/Or Chemical Peels.
• If You Have Taken Or Are Using Prescription Medications, Such As Antibiotics, Accutane, Topical Ointments Or Creams (E.G., RetinA Or Renova), And/Or Acne Medication.
• If You Have Lupus Or AIDS Or You Are In Cancer Therapy Getting Chemotherapy Or Radiation.
• If You Have Been In Direct Sunlight For A Long Period Of Time Or In A Tanning Bed Within The Last 24 Hours Or Your Skin Is Sunburned.


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