Top 6 Ways To Improve Marketing Qualified Lead Routing Results

Date : February 08, 2021
Category : Digital Marketing

Do you know what matters for your business the most? It’s getting the sales!

Sales are everything for a business and everyone knows the truth. To make it successful, you need to focus on generating leads.

Here in this article, you will find how to increase the sales funnel by generating proper leads with maximum ROI (Return On Investment). It has been observed in a recent stat that over 25% of marketing-generated leads are given to the wrong hands.

Follow the tips to improve and catalyze the lead generation process.

  1. Reach To A Service Level Agreement With Your Sales Team

Follow a proper methodology and improve lead routing with your sales.

  • Engage all marketing qualified leads (MQL) within the same day and create a lead definition to check the score or influence it.
  • Distribute all the qualified leads within two business hours.
  • Use a checklist and maintain the workflow.
  • Setting up a reminder for not opening messages is vital. You can put a reminder if the qualified lead didn’t revert within 24 hours. Put a message via your messenger app. If the time goes beyond 48 hours then performing a call is a great option.
  1. Point Out The Future Customer

You need to go through the qualified leads pretty well because it is not necessary that every qualified lead is ready to talk to the sales representative of your organization. Also, if you see a lead is downloading your content or showing interest then it will be foolish to consider that person is interested to talk.

Check out the lead scoring and lead qualification. From that, filter out which qualified leads are “sales-ready”. Then you can arrange the call with your sales representative.

  1. Tools For Sales Representative

You need to provide useful tools to your sales representative so that the sales rep can follow up the lead even after the handoff. You need to deliver to your sales representatives something relevant to selling and connecting instead of messaging and content. A few emails, a few crucial points, business profit plan will suffice to make the leads convert.

  1. Schedule Proper Appointments

The primary concern is to optimize lead routing. You can opt for the following three-step idea.

  • Find out the skillset of salespeople. Divide them into categories and distribute all the leads according to their skillsets.
  • You need to know which sales rep has more knowledge of which industry. By knowing it, you will understand which leads the certain salesperson will bring more success.
  • Apart from the large distributed territory, it is a great opportunity if you focus on local lead routing. It will increase your local connections and set the stage to bring more leads from outside territories.
  1. Track All The Sales Follow Up

All of your marketing-generated leads should be reported properly with real-time tracking. Check out the ways of how you can follow up and monitor the leads.

  • Check out the sales pipeline stage
  • Initial interest on which industry
  • Benchmark and compare regional performance
  • How the salesperson respond initially and follow up with the specific lead
  • An appealing marketing campaign
  • Proper grading to calculate the lead score
  • Check the revenue forecast and closing time
  1. Aid Of A Checklist To Assure No Leads Get Missed Or Lost

Having a checklist of marketing qualified leads is a viable strategy for marketers today. It is the most vital point to mock up all your leads and see the status.

Improve your lead routing with these following steps –

  • Check out the “sales-ready” info and get the buy-in list from your sales team
  • Gather all the qualified information for every lead
  • Set up a lead definition and centralize the MQL process
  • Lead hand-off methods should be documented with accountabilities
  • Distribute the sales-ready leads instantly
  • Communicate with your sales persona about the lead hand-off
  • Leads sales pursuit should be measured
  • Sales management should audit leads and track the follow-up
  • When the measurement is completely done, close the loop
  • Train and show your salespeople how to follow up and update you with feedback in every round
  • You need to get the feedback of close-loop leads from your sales team
  • Follow up with your sales team and find the best lead generation practice

Now it’s up to you how you can successfully implement and follow up the process. If all goes well, then getting a 25% heads up initially is achievable. And the best thing is, you can perform all these steps without spending an extra penny.

Boost your lead generation ROI today!


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