How Web Design Impacts Customer Experience

Date : May 09, 2018
Category : App Development

As the saying goes “The first impression is the last impression”, this applies to the design of your website as well. Your website is the first thing that your visitors see once they land on your page. If your website design is good, it will have the ability to throw a spotlight on the objectives of your business in a beautiful way. On the long-term success of your business, the visual appeal, aesthetics, usability as well as other important factors can have a huge impact. You have no idea how these factors impact your business dramatically. So here are some ways website design can draw traffic to your website and improve the productivity of your business by enhancing customer experience.

The look of your website

As said above, the appearance of your website creates an impact by web design. You get to choose how your site looks. This plays a major role in the first impression of your company on your new online visitors. You want your website to have a great appearance, right? There are some points that you should pay attention to such as parallax scrolling, responsive design, multimedia, eye-catching images and big and bold fonts. These will make your site more appealing to the customers.

Page loading time

Loading time of a page refers to the time someone has to wait until a page of your site opens on their device. Google loves websites that load quickly. Do you want to be successful in your online business? Then make sure that your site loads in the blink of an eye, as more and more consumers are moving toward using the internet on their mobile devices. They like sites that use minimal data as well. Now you may ask, “How the loading time of my site can be improved?” Here are some tips:

Remove auto-play multimedia such as audio and video. This way, the mobile users will not have to use big chunks of their mobile data.

Optimize the size of the images on your website so that your site gets loaded as quickly as possible
In order to reduce data demand, use white space on your website more frequently. This will make it easier for the visitors to clearly understand everything that is there on the page, especially for those who are opening your website on their mobile devices.


Your website should be such that your users can easily navigate. What would you do if you visit a website and find it difficult to find the information that you were looking for? Go to some other website, right? The same is the case with your website visitors. When they come to your website, they expect to find their required information easily. And when they find that, they become happy and make it easier for you to complete the goals that you have set for your website.

When we design and develop a website at Evolv109, we follow these ways along with many others. We make use of up-to-date technologies as well as the latest trends in order to make sure that your visitors or customers have an exceptional user experience. We not only look at the design, the ease of use, first impressions and the loading speed of your website, but also the setting up, monitoring and tracking of the goals that you have for your website. Contact us today and let us help you improve your customer experience with our phenomenal web design!


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