WordPress 5.6.1 Update: Crucial Info For The Maintenance Release

Date : February 06, 2021
Category : Digital Marketing

WordPress 5.6.1 is out and it has come with tons of preloaded features.

It is basically a maintenance release feature that has promised a lot of things, especially on the bugs side. There are 20 bug fix features in the latest update along with 7 major fixes for the block editor.

WordPress 5.6.1 is basically a short-cycle maintenance upgrade. Right now the changes are plenty and significant. As WordPress is popular for upgrading its existing version so the next major version is scheduled and it will be WordPress 5.7.

How To Download The Update
It is quite easy to download the latest update WordPress 5.6.1. Visit the dashboard or download directly. When you visit the dashboard you will see an option to update on the screen. Click on the Update Now option. If your website supports background updates automatically, then the site may have already started the process of updating to WordPress 5.6.1.

What Are The Major Updates
The eagerly awaited updates are all here.

As per the official WordPress site claims –

#51056: Fetch_feed parsing of permalinks triggers simplepie preg_match warnings
#52327: Requested updates to the PHP Update Alert
#51940: The schema for the taxonomy property of a term in the REST API should not include all taxonomies
#51980: App Passwords: ‘Add New Application Password’ submit button is hidden on mobile devices in ‘User Profile’ page
#51995: WordPress 5.6: Classic editor menu is not sticky
#52003: Undefined index: PHP_AUTH_PW /wp-includes/user.php on line 469
#52013: Duplicate wp_authorize_application_password_form actions
#52030: Media metaboxes return fatal error if no author metadata present
#52038: Issue in WooCommerce with wp_editor() after update to WP 5.6
#52046: The Distraction Free Writing setting on the old Edit Post screen may be reset after page reload
#52065: Media gallery: ‘Align’ and ‘Link To’ fields missing from ‘Insert from URL’
#52066: Application Passwords are unusable in combination with password-protected /wp-admin
#52075: Word Count on Classic Editor doesn’t update in real-time on Firefox unless saved
#52097: Site Health Loopback Test doesn’t send admin cookies
#52135: False positive on `WP_Site_Health_Auto_Updates`
#52196: wp_get_attachment_metadata() is broken if no first argument is passed in.
#52205: REST API: Plugins Controller single plugin route fatal errors on multisite
#52299: Exported user data can be listed with directory listing
#52351: missing echo function for translate method
#52391: Gutenberg Updates for 5.6.1

The Basics
• It has enabled auto-updates. That is debatable because some people may have liked the feature and some don’t. Most of the people don’t like it because they prefer to schedule the update according to their time.
• The new WordPress 5.6.1 update has provided better support for the PHP version 8.0.
• Application passwords are available for REST API authentication.

Instruction To New Themes And Plugins
There are plenty of websites that have new and latest themes along with tested or updated plugins. For these websites, the WordPress 5.6.1 update will not create any issue for these websites.

If your plugins and themes depend on an outdated 1.x script then you may experience a few issues. Things may not work properly like checkboxes, buttons, animated displays and all. But be assured that these things will work in a different way.

However, if you find that your site has issues with the way it looks or it has changed after the update then here is the right approach. Download and install the jQuery Migrate plugin and you will see what’s going on.

If you are running plugins and themes that have not yet been tested or updated to WordPress 5.5 or it has stuck to 5.0 then the wise work will be to do the WordPress 5.6 upgrade in the staging phase for your safety.

What WordPress Recommends To Your Hosts

  • You should have at least PHP 7.4 version or higher
  • Your MySQL version should be a minimum of 5.6 or greater
  • If not MySQL then the MariaDB version should be at least 10.1 or higher
  • Your host must have HTTPS support

Pro Tip To Update WordPress 5.6.1
It is obvious that you will update WordPress to the latest version so that you can utilize the latest upgrades for a smoother experience. But it will be really great if you remember some tips before you perform the update.

The most significant one is to backup your WordPress database. Here is the fair warning – the entire upgrade process will hamper the files and folders of the main WordPress installation. It includes all the core files used to operate WordPress. If you have done some changes recently to those files then all of the changes will be bygone.

• The wise and the best idea is to save the WordPress XML file to a hard drive or other storage of yours.
• Take a complete backup of your WordPress database to secure it from any data loss or data damage.
• Put FTP into your web server. After then start downloading that backup.
• Download your complete WordPress content directory by covering all the bases.
• Backup and update efficiently with attention so that your database can stay safe from the outside invention.

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